09 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The House of Doom

This time the Atom went snooping and found an evil scientist Rokar's lab in the middle of nowhere. He ended up fighting some robots, one of which he reprogrammed by tying its wires into a bow (which I as a computer programmer find particularly insulting). Great balls of fire!

The Atom ended up blowing up the whole operation by reversing some polarity. I finally got some closure on the flight issue. Apparently the Atom can just jump really far because in this episode he needed to be launched to catch a speeding car. The little bugger tracked a henchman to the scientist's headquarters where he took out the villains Home Alone style with some ball bearings and a stapler. The Lilliputians would be so proud.

Episode Count: 0149
Series Count: (3of 3)

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