07 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Beetle-Men

Hopefully not a lot of epileptics watched this show because there was strobing and flashing galore. I'm not epileptic, but even I felt a mild seizure coming on.

Anyways, Some beetle aliens came to Earth and decided a good first preparatory step for invasion would be to disable nuclear reactors. Luckily the reactor they chose was manned by Ray Palmer. Coincidentally, the beetle men also had size changing abilities. I have to give the Atom credit, he managed to make good use of his powers. You wouldn't think being tiny would be that helpful, but he used his size altering masterfully throughout the 7 minutes of run time. He also seemed to fly a few times, which was a tad strange, but I am willing to let it pass for now since it wasn't completely blatant.

Episode Count: 0147
Series Count: (1 of 3)
First Appearance: The Atom
Big Bugs Count: 0005

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