14 February 2012

Onscreen History of Vandal Savge

The immortal Vandal Savage first appeared in Green Lantern #10 in 1943 facing off against the original Lantern, Alan Scott. Senor Savage began his existence as a caveman who gained immortality when exposed to a meteorite. Since that time he has had a hand in history's greatest empires using aliases Alexander the Great, Ghengis Khan, Julius Ceasar, and Vlad the Impaler. Savage is now set to lead the evil Legion in the upcoming Justice League: Doom.

After his onscreen introduction in the three part Justice League event The Savage Time in which Savage nearly led the WWII Nazi's to victory, VS's origin was told in Maid of Honor.

In Justice League's Hereafter, an aged Savage having finally defeating Earth's heroes and living centuries in solitude helped a Superman that was lost in time, enabling Supes to go back in time and defeat Savage, preventing the deaths of millions.

During Smallvilles 7th season, former Superman actor Dean Cain played a villain names Dr. Curtis Knox, an immortal claiming to have been known formerly as Napoleon Bonaparte and Jack the Ripper. CK was clearly an homage to the scandalous Vandal himself.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold like Smallville did not specifically name a character as Vandal Savage, but B:TBATB featured an immortal caveman named Kru'll the Eternal who gained powers from a meteorite. Although this character was "cave-ier" than Savage, this was another clear homage.

In 2011, Vandal Savage was revealed as one of the mysterious members of The Light, a shadow organization of Earth's most nefarious baddies.

Similar to The Light in Young Justice, Justice League: Doom's Legion will cobble together powerful threats to take on Earth's heroes under the leadership of one of Earth's oldest villains, caveman turned commander, Vandal Savage.

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