13 February 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Flash

A scarlet costume ejects from his ring. And in a blur of motion Police Scientist Barry Allen becomes THE FLASH - worlds fastest human. THE FLASH whose speed enables him to vibrate through solid walls and conquer the barriers of time and space in the pursuit of evil doers. THE FLASH, Scarlet Speedster for Justice.

Some comic historians cite the first appearance of Barry Allen as The Flash in 1956's Showcase #4 as the official beginning of the Silver Age of comics. The Flash was the first of DC's classic characters to be reimagined with Barry Allen replacing the original speedster Jay Garrick. Since that time a number of characters have taken the name Flash including Barry's once sidekick and Kid Flash, Wally West. The Filmation DC Super Heroes shorts provided the first appearances of The Flash as well as Kid Flash.

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  1. the great ted knight in one of his many filmation voice-overs!