10 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Hizzoner the Joker

Like some sort of crazed Tooth Fairy, the Joker kicked off the episode my tucking money under the pillows of city officials... But of course it was just a frame job laying the groundwork for his own Mayoral bid. Bet you'll never guess who won the election.

Once in power, Joker appointed his cronies Riddler and Penguin to ranking positions and Batman ended up in jail after illegally parking the Batmobile. Even though the duo didn't really put up a fight, they also didn't have any problem with Alfred busting them out with the Bat-copter. Although nearly killed by being placed on the back of gun range targets, Batman was finally able to prove that Joker rigged the election... as if that was some sort of huge revelation. So the Gothamites didn't elect a criminal who was always robbing and terrorizing them? What a surprise.

P.S. Hizzoner apparently means "His honor."

Episode Count: 0179
Series Count: (15 of 34)

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