12 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Crime Computer

Curses, Penguined again! Though in spite of the Penguin's presence, this Oceans 1 style heist episode with a dash of War Games remarkably turned out to be one of the series better efforts.

The titular crime computer was helping El Penguino commit crimes, eventually matching wits with the Bat Computer in a battle of the bits. Too bad they didn't have a modern day TI 85 calculator which would probably have been more powerful and a lot more portable.  Penguin's ENIAC was smart enough to predict an eventual Batman win, but not before the duo dealt with a killer croc and some tracker jackers in the nearby swamp. 

Just when the computer was about to divulge the secret identity of Batman, just like Penguins supercomputer did just a couple of episodes back, it self destructed. So, what is up with Penguin and supercomputers? Is it just a coincidence that he keeps using them or was that one of his shticks at the time? At least I will say this, the crime computer in this episode was quite the jokester.

Episode Count: 0181
Series Count: (17 of 34)

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