22 April 2012

Time Traveling Teen Titans Exposed

The most recent New Teen Titans short revealed the Teen Titans through the ages with quite a few Easter eggs for eagle eyed fans including a reference to DC 1000000.

The short opened with the modern day Fab 5 trying to stop Mad Mod from going back in time.

The first wave reverted them to 90's style mullet heads.

The next wave threw the team into the 80's in which they wore the costumes of their New Teen Titans comic book counterparts...

...including the embarrassingly skimpy costume worn by Starfire. 

The 70's wave gave the team a Scooby-Doo vibe.

I am not even sure what was up with the 60s. Was BB ever pink?

The time machine was eventually destroyed throwing the team into the future where Robin, The Toy Wonder from Robin 10000000 was matched with Teen Titans counterparts from the novel Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone set 6,000 years in the future.

Inspired by the Titans, Dead Pretty Boy, Prosthetic Lass, Captain Thug, Witchie-Poo banded together to form a new team of future Titans.

And for fans of Teen Titans, next weeks brings the mash up Teen Titanic.


  1. Teen titanic is another mad short. It's avalable on YouTube, albeit in a low quality video. It also throws in a few Young Justice characters.

  2. BB was purple. He was in a circus act, and part of the Doom Patrol. His first appearences he was purple^^ i think this was late 60s, early 70s. he met the TTs while they were Aqua Lad, Robin, Kid flash, and wondergirl, but he wasnt part of the team till the 80s.

    i wish for the 90s one tho, robin was in his nightwing costume! THAT would have made this short perfectXD

  3. I agree. You can never have too much Nightwing.