26 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Perfidious Pieman Is Simon

Simple Simon the Pieman returned for an encore and what I thought had been a one time event was revealed as more of a lifestyle choice for Simon - he was a cross-dresser. Once again the villainous pastry maker took on the guise of Mother Goose, but alas, his cover was blown.

"Simon says" must have been well received the first time around because the catchphrase was uttered like every other line in this episode. The pie throwing also made another showing, but surprisingly that was not enough to save this episode which was absolutely riddled with "crumby" puns and one-liners. Thanks to the Mother Goose persona, we were also offered a full treatment of nursery rhymes. I think I gave Simon some faint praise last time but this was just too much. I take it all back. Its episodes like this one that clue you in that the writers were running out of ideas and thankfully the series is nearing the end of its run.

Episode Count: 0191
Series Count: (27 of 34)

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