01 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Enter the Judge

 The episode was set on Satan's Island so you just knew things were going to get pretty intense.

So, some loony criminal appointed himself as a judge and began pardoning prisoners and hoped to bring Superheroes to trial. Hoping for financing he kidnapped Bruce Wayne. Robin saved Bruce, even using an inflatable Batman to allow him into the carpool lane, but got himself captured, tried, and nearly executed by giant book before (SPOILER) Batman saved him in the nick of time (END SPOILER).

This was okay, but I can see why The Judge didn't become an A-list villain. Come to think of it though, wasn't there an episode of the Batman animated series like this in which the criminals put Batman on trial in Arkham. Maybe the Adventures of Batman was just ahead of its time.

Episode Count: 0194
Series Count: (30 of 34)

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