02 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Jigsaw Jeopardy

Riddle me this? When is a museum like a balloon? Well, now I know! This episode had it all, riddles galore, The Riddler, Batgirl (in a double disguise), a giant crotch saw, and egg-splosives. Even though the series was nearly out of steam, this episode was a hit.

As funny as I find this Riddler, it really would be annoying being one of his henchmen. Its like, "just spit it out boss." His goons needed to put on their thinking caps every time he gave an order. Too bad the Riddler didn't get more play during this series. I think he is my favorite of the baddies and if this is his send off, it was a fitting one.

Episode Count: 0195
Series Count: (31 of 34)

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