11 June 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Planet Splitter

 Right out of the gate this episode had a WTH moment as an all smiles Robin reminisced about the good old days at the circus. "I wouldn't mind going to the circus myself, just for old times sake. I was a circus performer until my parents were killed..." Those were the days weren't they Robin. How about on the way to the circus you swing by that old street where your pet dog got run over by a truck, you know, for old times sake. 

 In what may have been an homage to Terror on the Midway from the Fleischer era, circus hijinks led to the escape of a gorilla, but this monkey won a Kewpie doll rather that attacking the crowd. In fact, this whole episode was just plain strange, serving as an excuse to tell Superman's origin story. The origin introduced Jor-El and Lara as well as baby Kal-El. This flashback sequence was quite substantial and a considerable treat. Its a shame it was narrated by Super Marv who pretty much revealed Superman's secret identity to the episode's villains. I guess that's what Supes gets for trusting his junior super friend with his secret. Its just too bad the rest of the episode was so lackluster.

Episode Count: 0216
Series Count: (15 of 16)
First Appearance: Jor-El
First Appearance: Lara

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