24 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Whirlpool

Most notably, this episode introduced the world to Black Vulcan, the first of the characters created to give diversity to the Super Friends lineup. I have to say, BV knew how to travel in style. He transformed into a lightning bolt leaving Aquaman to travel via jet ski.

Although some people complained that Black Vulcan was too bland, that same argument could be applied not only to the newly created characters but to Superman and Batman as well. None of the characters were particularly well fleshed out. At least Vulcan looked cool, especially since in this, his first appearance, he opted for full length pants. As for the story itself, pretty weak; and the suicidal sea Captain? Ridiculous.

Episode Count: 0236
Series Count: (04 of 60)
First Appearance: Black Vulcan

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