17 July 2012

Onscreen History of Falcon

The Falcon made his print debut in 1969 within the pages of Captain America #117 and is the first mainstream African-American comic book superhero. The Falcon has to deal with many of the same challenges as Aquaman. His winged costume and avian telepathy make him hard to take seriously-though he looks to spruce up his image by teaming with the Star Spangled Man in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Falcon made his onscreen debut in the 1999 animated series, Avengers: United They Stand in which Ant-Man led a team of D-List Avengers.

Falcon next appeared in the Super Hero Squad Show.

The feather shooting Falcon next appeared  in the second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Under orders of General Ross, he captured Bruce Banner.

In early 2012 rumors of a new Avengers animated series began to swirl and when Avengers Assemble was finally announced, it was described as a follow up to the live action Marvel's The Avengers movie. The line-up matched the movie characters with the addition of Falcon which led many to speculate that the character would be introduced in Marvel's phase 2. As it turns out, the Falcon will play an important role in the recently names 2014 sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Perhaps a battle of the sidekicks is in the making?

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