19 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Invasion of the Earthors

The main event! This third segment was the big one, the focus of the episode, and the threat big enough to require the whole team to work together - in this case, rock people from the center of the Earth.

In spite of their giant Superman robot, the Earthors were no match for the actual Superman, but the real hero of this episode was metamorphosis. For some reason the Twins thought water puddle and caterpillar would help them evade the Earthors, but instead they ended up in flasks. Luckily, metamorphosis kicked in and Jayna turned into a butterfly over the course of a few second enabling her to get free,  placing the twins in an oddly kinky pose. And remember, this is not one of the parodies. Writers really thought this was a good idea. Although I am giving the Wonder Twins a hard time, so far they are a definite improvement over Wendy and Marvin. At least their transformations were entertaining.

Episode Count: 0235
Series Count: (03 of 60)

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