23 August 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Day of the Plant Creatures

Seeing the creatures that resembled Swamp Thing was exciting enough, but Swamp Chickens were the icing on the cake. This episode is a good lesson for why you really shouldn't mess around with meteors. Lesson learned.

The lesson obviously  that hadn't been learned was that plants, even the non-Swamp Thing types are already alive. The Friends made a few comments about how the plants had come to life. I mean geez, this was the '70s, I think they knew about cells by then. I did enjoy watching Superman and Wonder Woman composting the creatures in a garbage truck. In fact, the Friends were pretty brutal with the creatures, bailing them in rolls and other gardening style attacks. Now correct me if I am wrong, but some of those Soylent Greens were people. At least no one ate a salad.

Episode Count: 0247
Series Count: (15 of 60)

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