04 September 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Friends Vs. Super Friends

The title of this episode set my hopes very high. I really wanted to see Superman kick Robin's @$$. At least there would be some dignity in that for Robin as opposed to when he squared off against Jubilee. But what started off as a textbook giant octopus attack turned into underwater Gladiator.. for kids... which apparently meant no actual "vs" fighting and huge disappointment.

The Friends did pretend to fight and pretended to let Aquaman win, which wouldn't fool anyone - at least not with this Aquaman. The two headed crab turtle was a nice touch though even though. One question you have to ask is why Aquaman would use his telepathy to help him fight an octopus rather than just talking to the octopus or the crab monster for that matter. Even whales, which are mammals, understand A-Man. Why not octopie? Are mollusks immune? Anyways, come to think of it, what is with Mermen and gladiatorial games? I seem to remember the New Adventures of Superman episode Mermen of Emor being pretty similar, though there was only 1 "Friend" involved. Remind me never to go underwater without an escort.

Episode Count: 0251
Series Count: (19 of 60)

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