03 September 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Vandals

Has it really been 250 episodes!? I guess that number is partially an artifact of the way I count them, but I still feel a celebration of some sort is in order. And what better way to celebrate than with the Wonder Twins taking on the evils of vandalism? Its a good thing every teen in town had a direct line to the Wonder Twins wrist watch.

So, there was a scene with the twins playing some Volleyball. Even though Zan was bragging about how good he was, he wasn't playing right. Also, its kinda hard to play Volleyball 1 on 1. THEN, wouldn't you know it Gleek came out of the ball. How did he get in there? and wouldn't he be bruised after being beaten around like that. Maybe the next Super Friends episode will address animal cruelty. Once again, we got the trusty eagle / water bucket combo to start, but a falling elevator called for a gorilla / ice pole save. So versatile. And fear not, with 250 episodes now under my belt I still have over 1200 to go!

Episode Count: 0250
Series Count: (18 of 60)

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