11 September 2012

Onscreen History of Parasite

The purple Parasite Rudy Jones made his print debut in August 1966 within the pages of Action Comics #340 sapping the strength of the Man of Steel.

The Adventures of Superman hosted the the Pernicious Parasite in his onscreen debut - though this villain named Icy Harris may not have been THE Parasite, just a similarly powered punk.

The purple-clad Parasite finally appeared years later during Superman: The Animated Series were he often feasted upon Superman (along with anyone else that got in his way).

Once juiced up, Parasite was quite a formidable foe earning him some return appearances on the Justice League animated series.

The Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue revealed that the Parasite would continue to plague the League for years to come.

A classically designed Parasite was among the mob that took on Superman and Batman in the Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie though his appearance was exceedingly brief.

Under the employ of Tess Mercer, Parasite and a gang of krypto-freaks sought out Doomsday during Smallville's eighth season.

A more monstrous, but still purple Parasite appeared during the jailbreak sequence of the All-Star Superman movie.

Most recently, Parasite infiltrated Jack Haley's circus on Young Justice before being found out and taken down by the team after absorbing Miss Martain's weakness to fire. I suspect we haven't seen the last of the purplish bloodsucking barnacle.

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