14 September 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Planet of the Neanderthals

This one opened strong with the Friends devastating an uprising of cavemen. And even though the idea of de-teching the Earth via time-traveling Washington monument makes little sense, this sure was a memorable outing. And that's not even considering the "Bat spider-web ejector."

I also liked how the idea of building a time machine wasn't that big of an issue as long as the had a good computer on hand to help AND how Superman's X-ray vision through time was all that was needed to build a blueprint. The "homages" to popular films are feeling a bit obvious. I got a serious 2001 / Planet of the Apes vibe from this one. Perhaps the episode was trying to scoop up the audience for the short lived animated series Return to the Planet of the Apes that was cancelled in 1976. Though I suppose if it had been popular, it wouldn't have been cancelled.

Episode Count: 0255
Series Count: (23 of 60)
Dino Attack Count: 0006

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