13 November 2012

Onscreen History of Electro

The interweb has revealed the likely identify of the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to be the electrifying Electro. Electro first zapped his way into Spidey's life in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man #9 and has been a mainstay in Spider-Man media ever since. As a founding member of the Sinister Six, Electro is one of the better members who has yet to make his live action debut.

Electro first did the electric boogaloo in a cameo appearance of The Marvel Super-Heroes during the Namor episode, Dr. Doom's Day.

In 1967, Electro returned within the Spider-Man animated series wearing his traditional comic book duds.

In the 1981 series, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Electro made another shocking return in the episode Videoman, which brought an arcade game to life.

Due to a planned appearance in an in development live action series, Electro was shelved for most of the 1990's Spider-Man animated series run, though he finally debuted during the series final season.

In the train wreck series Spider-Man Unlimited, even though Electro himself did not appear, an alternate earth beast version of the character appeared which was inspired by an electric eel.

In the visually atrocious Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Electro also appeared - though he dropped his traditional yellow and green for a sleek silver.

Most recently, Electro donned an electric containment suit to do battle with the Web-head on the animated Spectacular Spider-Man.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I never noticed him in 'Doctor Doom's Day', I'll have to watch that again, silly as it is.
    It's become CW that Electro's costume is silly, but I've always thought it was a classic look.

  2. I like his costume and mask. They must save something in live-action version. Maybe as in "Captain America" theatrical show costume.

  3. Cant wait for Jamie Foxx to play him in Amazing Spider-Man 2