04 December 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Mummy of Nazca

"With the strength of a thousand daddies," the Mummy proved more than a match for form of a gorilla but not for the combined force of the Super Friends.Well, actually, they never really stopped the mummy, in the end he rode a rocket ship back to his home planet... really.

During the episode, the mummy did a lot of globetrotting. Did he just travel coach? You would think they could put him on a watch list or something.Even though it was a bit silly, the mummy-theme was once again able to salvage an otherwise mediocre episode. The Wonder Twins seem to be getting increasingly incompetent as the series progresses, this time accidentally forming a garter snake instead of a constrictor. Again, why not a T-Rex? They did spend some quality time with CK this episode, but unfortunately their mucking up the missions is getting tiresome.

Episode Count: 0283
Series Count: (51 of 60)
Mummy Count: 0003

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