14 December 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Will the World Collide?

In answer to the title that should surely make all Jeopardy fans happy, the answer is "No."
With a name like Fearo, who would ever have suspected a criminal? In fact Fearo was not just your ordinary criminal, he was in cahoots with an alien race to destroy the Earth using a giant planet made of kryptonite. In addition to being a nice homage to the Fleischer episode The Magnetic Telescope, there was an assortment of impressive energy creatures that nearly obliterated the twins despite Jayna's webbing. With Supes on the sidelines, it was Wonder Woman's chance to lead the team to victory. You go girl. So where does a Kryptonite planet come from? Not krypton, since it blew up... so, how is it even possible for such a threat to exist?

Episode Count: 0287
Series Count: (55 of 60)

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