26 February 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - DC on Family Guy

The Simpsons is not the only show to frequently return to the well of DC comics winks, nods, and lampoons. In fact, Family Guy may have tapped the DC library even more frequently. Since I am not as well versed on Family Guy, I am sure that I am not going to give a comprehensive review, but hopefully I will hit the highlights.

Perhaps the pinnacle of Family Guy DC love was the frame for frame recreation of the All New Super Friends intro sequences.

Here is a side-by-side comparison with the raw FG intro at the bottom of this post.

Wonder Woman has made several appearances on Family Guy including a scene where Superman caught her peeing in the invisible jet's toilet and not washing her hands.

In another episode, Peter dressed as the Amazon.

In yet another episode, in a scene I do not claim to understand, Twinkie the Kid dressed as Wonder Woman.

Double Dubs also appeared with the Justice League on a couple of occasions, with the team's accountant...

... and during a rousing game of strip poker.

Batman has made a few appearances including one episode where Stewie crashed his cave.

And Robin the Boy Wonder has also been mocked for his lack of powers as well as his lack of cell phone bars.

The Man of Steel has made a few of his own appearances. In one, he reenacted his famous cellophane \S/ throw from Superman II.

In a promo for a Superman V movie, Superman hit the road after using his X-Ray vision to discover Lois was pregnant.

A Mexican Superman and Batman made an appearance with the Mexican Super Friends all living in the Hall of Justice. 

For this showing, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Robin, Jayna, and even Toyman made appearances.

Aquaman has had his fair share of solo appearances. In one he used his Aquatic telepathy to get a fish to get him a drink (without salt water).

On another occasion, Aquaman got fished.

Apache Chief was employed to help put a satellite dish on the roof.

Family Guy hit a low when Peter remembered taking the form of a tampon and waiting to be used by fellow twin Jayna. Hopefully he wasn't an ice tampon.

The villains were not forgotten as the classic Legion of Doom challenged Jesus.

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