02 March 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Sword of the Atom: Battle of the Tiny Titans

I  may be sounding like a broken record here, but I just don't care for these shorts as much as I want to. Presumably, Sword of the Atom will wrap up after the fifth segment, but if it does I will be left asking myself, "what was the point." If nothing else, Sword of the Atom is convincing me that the 1-minute format is much better suited to comedy than action. Once again, the animation looked great, but this time the limited time was very evident. After a sword parry and attack, the Atom was hailed as possessing the strength of a demon. That's a bold claim after a 10 second fight. Anyways, its hard to pinpoint exactly what doesn't work here other than the format. I would certainly be open to a 20 minute version of this story... after all it worked like a charm in Brave and the Bold.

DC Nation Short Count: 0036

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