22 May 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Pink Panther Strikes Again

After that mega run of Plastic Man zane, I thought it might be fun to go on a bit of a lengthy detour through nostalgia land. After today's lesser known gem, I plan to spent the next couple of weeks traveling through the land of the Brothers Warner and their many parodies and homages to the characters of DC comics which will take us from 1943 up until the 90's or so. I will leave some of the most recent Warners episodes fro later. But before I get carried away, lets take a look at this quick homage from the 1976 movie, The Pink Panther Strikes Again.

Even though I have never actually watched a Pink Panther movie, I have always loved the cartoons. Imagine my disappointment as a child after begging my parents to see the Pink Panther movies to be told that there was no panthers in the movies... Turns out that was not completely true. The Pink Panther was in the movies, but only in the title sequences. Anyways, in 1976 The Pink Panther Strikes Again opening offered a special treat for comic book fans by sneaking Batman himself into the credits (for all of 3 seconds) followed by Bat-Pink (or would it be Pink Panther-Man). Anyways, the sequence is pretty worthwhile despite Batman's limited exposure with other references ranging from Jaws to The Sound of Music.

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