05 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Plastic Family and Baby Plas

After the first year of The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show, the Ruby-Spears production company decided to introduce two additional sets of Plastic Man themed cartoons to the line-up including Plastic Family and Baby Plas. Without ever having seen either, I am not really sure of the difference between these two series other than to say the Plastic Family segments ran about 7 minutes and the Baby Plas about 4 minutes.

After a year of unrequited flirting, Penny finally got a date with Plas or at least she got him to marry her. I guess Plas finally gave up on getting that date with the Chief. The two wasted no time having a baby... or maybe the baby was the reason for the wedding. In any case, the whole development played out during the credits.

13 episodes each of Plastic Family and Baby Plas were produced in 1980 with a focus shift from crime-fighting to the everyday antics of a stretchy family and a bouncing baby boy. And while the Plastic Man series is available in glorious DVD, these two series take a little more creativity to get a hold of.

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