03 June 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Two Mice and a Baby

A few months after the 1996 debut of Superman: The Animated Series, the family El got a feature in the Pinky and the Brain series (a spin-off from Animaniacs) tribute to the Baby of Steel in the episode, Two Mice and a Baby. In his latest scheme to take over the world, Brain hoped to raise the infant Kal-El toward his nefarious ends. Pinky and the Brain were a bigger appeal here than Superbaby, since basically all he did was goo, ga, and poop. 

 Still, it was nice to see Jor-El and Lara at the intro (even though Jor-El's belt clashed with his outfit) and I liked the way the segment ended with Kal being found by Martha and Jonathon. In the end, I would say this was cuter than funny, but worth checking out if you can manage to track it down.

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