01 August 2013

DC Nation Shorts in the Pipeline

By this point, 18 different series of shorts have aired in part or full on DC Nation, but I am happy to report that there are still more new ideas in the works. As just announced by TV Guide, among those yet to debut include Shazam! and Metal Men as well as a stylish black and white Batman series under the guidance of Bruce Timm. We have also been teased with Doom Patrol for over a year now and hints of a Doctor Fate series have also been heard.

Among the series that have already debuted, there are still unaired segments of the New Teen Titans, DC's World's Funnest, Plastic Man, and a new Tales of Metropolis is slated for this Saturday. Its also quite likely that additional MAD Presents segments will air and I also suspect we haven't see the last of Super Pets.

As for the series that have run their course, I simply cannot choose between Bat Man of Shanghai and Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld as my favorite. Both were amazing concepts and both are very worth of a follow up. I am keeping my fingers for many more great series.

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