24 September 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Colossus

After the first 3 seconds I was already mad at this one. So, there is a giant named Colossus that "walks" through space... Maybe Sir Isaac Newton can explain to me how that works. Anyways, at least he wasn't a storm cloud. Anyways, that was just the start of the Physics issues because if a cosmic colossus really put Earth in a bottle I am pretty sure everyone would die. I do like Apache Chief so it was good to give him a starring role, but really, if he could grow to the size of a galaxy, why not just do that every time? And why was Colossus more of a pain when he was normal sized than when he was a billion miles tall? This series is getting very stale.

Episode Count: 0437
Series Count: (39 of 66)

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