09 October 2013

Super History of Superman: Young Justice (2010-2)

Although 2010's Young Justice and its rebranded second season Young Justice: Invasion had a focus on the "Don't call them sidekicks" teen heroes, the influence of Superman was certainly felt. Not only was Superman a key member of the Justice League, but his relationship with the Superman clone, Superboy AKA Kon-El AKA Conner Kent, was an ongoing character development arc in the series. 

Although Superman himself was not seen in action too often over the course of the series, Conner had plenty of chances to flex his scaled down power set. Under normal circumstances, because Kon-El also had human DNA, he was limited to super strength and high jumping, but when his DNA was inhibited he could unleash flight, superer strength, and heat vision. And while he usually just wore an S shield emblazoned t-shirt, he was called on to impersonate Superman when the Leaguers were off world.

Along with Superboy, other members of the Superman family in the series included the Superboy version of Bizarro - a crazy clone named Match and a Krypto-esque super powered canine sidekick - Wolf. While Kal-El may had to step back for this series, Conner certainly did the legacy of Superman "Justice."

Check back next week for another chapter in The Super History of Superman.

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