12 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - New Teen Titans Series Concept

In 1983, after the initial run of Super Friends was running down (before the rebranding as the Super Powers Team) Hanna Barbera once again flirted with a Titans series, this time the New Teen Titans. According to the Titans Tower website, Wonder Girl would have been group leader of Cyborg, Raven, Kid Flash, Changeling, and Starfire and storylines would have promised appearances from Trigon and Blackfire. Terra and Robin would have been absent; Robin having been licensed out already.

Though the New Ten Titans series never got made, the characters did get to star (along with The Protector) in the anti-drug PSA, and Cyborg did get to join the Galactic Guardians lineup just a couple years later sporting the same design.

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