08 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Super Friends Shorts Recap

After 60 episodes the Super Friends shorts turned out to be a fairly average run of tales with some outliers that were amazingly bizarre if nothing else, and others that made me want to soak my eyeballs in bleach.

Ironically, or perhaps appropriately, the final set of episodes which have been dubbed the "lost season" were probably the worst of the batch. The first two non-lost season, which are yet to be released on DVD, contained a surprising number of gems. While I hesitate to call any of them great, I will admit that narrowing the list wasn't easy as many of them were not without their charms.


1. The Krypton Syndrome - This self contained time travel paradox involving Superman having to choose between Krypton or Earth would make Philip K Dick proud. While the others on the list were fun, this was a masterpiece in disguise.

2. Elevator To Nowhere - While "good" may not be the best adjective for this one, the appearance of George Washington alone deserves props. Throw in Blackbeard and you have a winner. 

3. The Evil from Krypton - Even though "Kneel before Zy-Kree" lacks a certain ring, this Zod-esque lookalike had me nostalgic for some Superman II.

4. Revenge of Bizarro / Bazarowurld - Hard to choose the best Bizarro appearance, but I narrowed it down to these two which had the added bonus of red kryptonite.

5. Return of Atlantis - Like The Krytpon Syndrome, this one had an amazing premise which saw the Battle of the Amazons versus Atlanteans. Could have been an epic movie, instead it was a so-so 5 minutes. 

6. Invasion of the Gleeks - So many Wonder Twins, so little time. This Gleek-centric tale had enough banana and monkey gags to earn the twins a bonus spot on the best list.


I really don't want to rethink about any of the episodes on this list and even though they weren't the only bad entries in the batch, they were the most boring or offensive. Avoid at all costs:

One Small Step For Superman
The Stowaways From Space
Sink Hole
Once Upon a Poltergeist
Playground of Doom

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