09 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Cover Twirl

 In the second crossover, the students of Hero High were hot for teacher when Isis was recruited to substitute. Jealousy ensued and Captain California ended up lovestruck for some old bag. Oh hilarity - at least that's what they were going for. Its kinda sad that this would be Isis' last onscreen appearance for nearly 30 years until she got a brief mention on Smallville. Alas poor Isis, you had such untapped potential.

For those considering checking out the Hero High episodes which have been released on DVD even though Shazam! has not, I can't give it a great endorsement. Its not terrible, just a pretty generic show. Here is a primer: students at Hero High included the invisible A.W.O.L., super-tantrum throwing Brat-man, the flying surf boarder Captain California, Dirty Trixie with a bag of gadgets, the super string and telepathic Glorious Gal, Misty Magic the magician, Punk Rock and his sonic guitar, Rex Ruthless another gadget wielding dirty trickster, and Weatherman a Storm wannabe. What will they think of next. 

Episode Count: 0479
Series Count: (2 of 3)

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