18 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - No Honor Among Thieves

This season has pulled out all the stops, this time teaming Darkseid with the new and improved battlesuit wearing Lex Luthor. Its just such a classic look. This is as good a time as any to mention that Darkseid's portals were called "stargates." I don't know if this was pre-boom tube or if they just had a different name, but the episode put them to good use by catching the heroes as if they were trap doors. I guess Darseid didn't learn from his fallout with Brainiac, because once again he ended up in a spat with his ally after having captured the Super Friends. Nice use of, "Kneel before Luthor" after Lex dubbed himself King Rex Luthor. And no episode would be complete without yet another marriage proposal to Wonder Woman from Darkseid. The dude is desperate. Maybe there are no women on Apokolips.

Episode Count: 0483
Series Count: (4 of 14)


  1. Darkseid would have been a lot more successful this season if he didn't spend all his time trying to get with Wonder Woman. I know the Super Powers Team season gets all the props but I believe this is the stronger season. I think the Super Powers Team episodes took itself too seriously and some of the more dramatic moments don't work as well as they think, partly because Standards and Practices had limits on stuff that they could get away with in later DC shows.

    What really helped the Legendary Super Powers Show is one person did not write all the scripts (which was the case in most of the other incarnations) and the writers they used seemed to be fans of the comic books. Those things made a big difference in story quality. The writers producers just want out and made child friendly stories about the Justice League against the forces of evil that were fun and fit the parameters of what came before yet did not insult your intelligence. That's a big reason why this season is so entertaining even as an adult.

    I think I'm going to watch my DVD of this season now.

    1. I think I may agree that this season has the edge over the next, especially the Darkseid ones. Darkseid's Golden Trap will forever be a favorite of mine.