17 December 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Reflections In Crime

Something I learned in this episode, the 6th dimension is the land behind mirrors (but what is the 5th? the land of Mxyzptlk?). In spite of the somewhat hokey concept of the mirror dimension, this was a pretty fun adventure with mirrors being basically deadly. And of course a Hall of Mirrors came into play. This was also the first appearance of the Flash rogue Mirror Master. Its a shame there was no Flash in sigh - though I admit, Samurai's invisibility is a good counter to Mirror Masters dangerous reflections. So far, this season has been a hit, can it go 4 for 4?

Episode Count: 0482
Series Count: (3 of 14)
First Appearance: Mirror Master

1 comment:

  1. Watching this season as an adult I find it really enjoyable because it seems like the writers just decided to have fun with a show that people often made fun of. Instead of running away from the silliness associated with the show they embraced it.