08 January 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Batman No Man's Land Series Concept

Plans for another potential Batman animated series to debut in 2012 or 2013 have crumbled into a million shattered dreams. This series would have featured Nightwing as well as Cassandra Cain and Damian Wayne as Batgirl and Robin, but it made the mistake of being too dark. Huh!? Bat Mite would not be happy. According to character designer Coran Stone  at Deviant Art:

So James the Terrifically talented Tucker producer of "The Brave and Bold" series was starting work on the new Bat show and decided to take a chance on the new guy....Me! So I became character designer. I was floored as **** and had a ton of ideas for the darknight and fellers so I spent about 4 or 5 monthes cranking out a ton of of batty shizz! I did way more than any man should ever do and worked sometimes two nights straight without sleep on that stuff. 

This is the sucky part> Unfortunately one of the heads at cartoon network felt that the concept was to dark and it got scraped. I of course thought that sucked ass but (back to good stuff) at the same time felt happy as hell that I had the one and a mill chance to work on a Bats series. Twas fun as hell! 

This is bad news since this concept looks amazing and it would given some of the lesser known and more recent Bat-family member s some screen times. Also, who wouldn't appreciate a dark Batman. Even though light Batman worked with Brave and the Bold, it can also go horribly awry. The good news, I guess, is that another pitch for another Batman got accepted. Enter Beware the Batman. Additional background designs can be found at billdunnanimationpaint.blogspot.com.

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