04 February 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Destroy the Defendroids

Can you read my mind? This Superman series clearly took inspiration from the live action movie series. Not only was the scene of Superman flying with Lois ripped from the first movie, but Lex Luthor was portrayed as a somewhat over-the-top comical schemer who traded real-estate for "legitamate" business; the movie's Miss Teschmacher was traded in for this series Miss Morganberry and the episode even paid homage to the great California earthquake caused in the film - though this time Earth's rotation did not need to be reversed for Superman to save the day.

The episode served fine as an introduction to all of the characters but I wasn't blown away. It was mostly just lots of Superman fighting ugly robots while Lex ate milkshake and showed off his kryptonite ring.

Episode Count: 0504
Series Count: (1 of 26)

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