06 February 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Fugitive From Space

Throw out all of your preconceptions. Superman found a crashed ship with two aliens: one a space cop and one a fugitive. One was ugly and one was pretty (in theory). Guess which was the bad one...

As if you needed to be preached to, it was the ugly alien that was the good guy. Oh, and Superman fought a space Godzilla. I also noticed that Superman loves using his freeze breath in this series. That's twice in two episodes that he has won a  fight with it, this time freezing  the monster in about a million gallons of water and later freezing the monster itself. I know I should be able to accept that since I have no problem with the rest of his powers, but freeze breath just seems a but odd. The monster fights were ok, but with or without freeze breath, this was not a great episode. 

And for the record, in case you did learn a lesson about judging by outward appearances, don't worry, the evil one did turn ugly by the end... so I guess evil = ugly holds true.

Episode Count: 0506
Series Count: (3 of 26)

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