19 March 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - To Live Forever

Although putting Swamp Thing in the Amazon rain forest seems like a no brainer, getting him there by hitching on a  planes landing gear (which evidently never retracted) seems sort of bizarre. Add to that (and this is no joke) Swampy complaining about the lack of in flight snack or movie, and you have yourself some serious camp... or is it nonsensical camp? Swamp thing ended up skydiving and taming a jaguar in this Fern Gully prototype. Oh, and there was a Shaman who could command the animals.

As for Arcane, he went from dude to monster last episode, this time he went full monster turning into a tank driving arachnid man. And yes, this series is already getting old.

Episode Count: 0531
Series Count: (2 of 5)

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