04 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Joker's Favor

You never want to be in debt to the Joker. The series had its share of great Joker episodes, but for my money Joker's Favor is the cream of the crop. For one thing, this episode introduced Harley Quinn, not only to animation, but this was her very first appearance anywhere. She would later be adapted to the comics, but her origins were here. So along with that historic bit of trivia, Joker's Favor really captured the Joker's sadistic nature in a way that made him a terrifying not only to Batman but to average Joe's like you and me. All it takes is one bad day...

Also noteworthy, this was the first appearance of police officer Renee Montoya who was created for the show even if she ended up appearing in comics first. Although she remains a cop in this series, in comics, Montoya would eventually don the guise of The Question. Montoya would be a significant character later in the series, but she offered just a cameo here.

The lengths that the Joker went to torment poor Charlie were creepily extreme and the icing on the cake was the seeming simplicity of the favor the Joker called in. You really feel for old Chuckles, and you can't help but be happy that he was able to even the score in the end, even if he went a little mad. Another crazy thing about this episode was how little Batman was in it. This was the Joker and Harley show, and they sure did entertain.

Episode Count: 0540
Series Count: (6 of 81)
First Appearance: Harley Quinn
First Appearance: Renee Montoya

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