25 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Mad as a Hatter


 Its hard to believe I am already a quarter of the way through the series because the amazing character introductions are still coming strong (with the exception of a couple hiccups / quacks with the Penguin). This episode, like others that have come earlier, took a lesser know villain in the Mad Hatter and instantly elevated him to fan favorite status with a tragic back story. :'( The Hatter's mind control was also a nice differentiating element that made him a reasonable threat despite his lack of physical  prowess. Of course, his assaults on Batman would become more personal in the episodes that followed...

 Its episode's like this that makes me wonder why a particular character isn't used more. I can't see him ever being chosen for the villain of a live action film and I cannot even think of any great comic runs featuring him, which is a shame because this episode really hints at his potential. Besides, Alice is charming, the Wonderland references are a treat, and Jervis is just likable enough. As it stands this is a great episode. It may not quite match the very best of the series, but its not one to skip.

PS, 555 must be some sort of a lucky number, right? Only like 1,000 to go.

Episode Count: 0555
Series Count: (21 of 81)

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