22 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Vendetta

Another episode, another character introduction. And while Killer Croc does not rank high on my list of all time favorite Batman villains, Vendetta does a great job of making him a reasonable adversary for Batman. In fact, this depiction of Croc in this episode may be stand as the characters pinnacle of achievement. What's great about this episode is that not only does Croc serve as a menacing villain, but its a great Batman detective story as well.

In any case, even though this may not be my most favorite episode ever, it's a highly effective introduction to Killer Croc which wisely keeps his onscreen time to a minimum while highlighting his physical prowess once revealed. The sewer scuffle in particular was a lot of fun. While Killer Croc may never make the A-list, this showing bumped him up to at least the C-list of villains ahead of the likes of Crazy Quilt.

Episode Count: 0552
Series Count: (18 of 81)
First Appearance: Killer Croc

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