17 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Two-Face

"The brighter the picture, the darker the negative." And thus was told the tragic tale of Two-Face. This was another great candidate for a 2-parter, allowing the threat of Big Bad Harv to slowly build over the first half. Just like in the Clayface episode, the anticipation to the villain's reveal was twice the fun. If there is one thing the Animated Series has proven so far, it knows how to deliver a great villain origin story.

 One of the things that made this so compelling, even more so than the tragedy of Freeze was Harvey's connection to Bruce Wayne. Batman blamed himself for Harvey's fall into Two-Face's - just like he couldn't save his parents, he also failed to save his friend. Also, Harvey was a good man trying to do right. But after some build up he fell apart with the tanks of a nudge from Thorne and one bad day. I also loved the ending with Batman tossing a bunch of coins at Two-Face and rendering him helpless. Brilliant.

So basically, this was an amazing episode, one of the very best, so lets jump to some nitpicks. Where did Two-Face get that suit? Did he make it himself or does he have an evil seamstress in his gang? I'm also not a huge fan of the turquoise half of the face, though I suppose its better than the neon purple in Batman Forever. But those are minor things in this classic episode.

Episode Count: 0549
Series Count: (15 of 81)
First Appearance: Two-Face

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