19 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Almost Got 'Em

This is one of those "classics" that really does deserve its good reputation. The unconventional device of vignettes told by villains over a poker game was a great hook with a great Croc-centric twist. Overall, the Joker tale with Catwoman was the best and I enjoyed her "almost got 'im" line quite a bit.

On the downside, Pengy's bird-based story was a tad lame and Ivy's a little bland. Two-Face's was nice though as was Croc's one-liner. As good as this one is, for me, its just a notch below some of the superb origins that kicked off the series, so sadly it may end up in the honorable mention pile. But as I said, its quite honorable.

Episode Count: 0566
Series Count: (32 of 81)

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