11 July 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - House and Garden

 And this just may be Poison Ivy's signature episode featuring its own creepy take on "cabbage patch kids." It was also nice to have Robin back. It feels like its been a while since he has been in the fray,  and though I don't care for him to be in every episode, his presence added little je ne sais quoi this time around, pardon the french.

The hench-villain might as well have been named Plantface, but he was another creepy addition to the episode. The use of hedge clippers and melting plant folk were the icing on this twisted cake. In all, even though the idea of plant clones is a tad far fetched, this truly is one of the series greats and a notch on Ivy's vine.

Episode Count: 0593
Series Count: (59 of 81)

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