25 August 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dark Blade Falling

Being new to the series, it did take a fair bit of the episode to figure out who everyone was. The plot is basically just a good versus bad aliens on Earth, so I don't know if it will get any more sophisticated than than. I do like the Ghost Rider meets Wolverine look of the villain Helspont, but I didn't understand how the CAT Maul was able to catch him so easily or why he just let him go. Didn't seem too menacing to me. Overall, I think the heroes have interesting looks, but the series hasn't blown me away yet with story.

Episode Count: 0616
Series Count: (1 of 12)
First Appearance: Grifter
First Appearance: Helspont
First Appearance: Maul
First Appearance: Spartan
First Appearance: Void
First Appearance: Voodoo
First Appearance: Warblade
First Appearance: Zealot

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