11 March 2010

Evolution of the Batman (and Robin) - Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Released in 2003, Batman:Mystery of the Batwoman was the final DTV built on the DC animated universe. Unlike the previous Subzero, Batwoman was crafted with the designs from The New Batman Adventures including the use of Tim Drake as Robin.

The whole idea is that a new vigilante has appeared in Gotham and is infringing on the "Bat" copyright. She uses somewhat unorthodox methods and so Batman wants to unmask her. Along the way, a couple classic Bat villains are brought in including Bane and Penguin.

The villains are one of the films weaknesses. Penguin and Bane just weren't all that interesting here. A bit more compelling was trying to figure out which of the "random" newly introduced female characters is the one in the Batwoman guise. For the record, I guessed incorrectly.

Overall, it wasn't a bad movie, but of the Batman animated movies, it was easily the weakest. Nevertheless, five years after the end of The New Batman Adventures run, it was still a much welcome treat. As for the DVD extras...

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  2. Sorry about the deleted post (had typos on my first try).

    What I wanted to say was... I enjoyed this movie, it gets better with each viewing and I’d rank it along side Phantasm as my favorite from this group (plus there’s a playful Catwoman short). I miss that art deco look, the texture of the backgrounds.

    BTW - just discovered this blog recently and have been enjoying the read. Keep up the good work.