22 March 2010

Green Lantern's Brightest Days #19

#19 Batman Beyond: The Call

Set 40 years in the future, Batman Beyond offered a peek at the future of the DC universe, particularly when the future Justice League was featured in The Call. Of course no League would be complete without a representative from the Green Lantern Corp, and this episode assured us that even in the future a power ring wielder would be present. Kai-Ro was created for the episode named after Green Lantern's Venusian sidekick from the 1960's Filmation DC Heroes series. We never learned too much about this kid Lantern other than he seemed to lean toward peaceful solutions than forceful ones. Kai-Ro would appear again as an adult in the Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue, but it was The Call that promised that after Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner, the Lanterns legacy would continue on.

#25 - Justice League Unlimited: Initiation - John Stewart's new look
#24 - Batman: The Brave and the Bold: Death Race to Oblivion! - Guy Gardner's Lanternmobile
#23 - Justice League of America: Pilot - Doesn't air
#22 - Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing: Time Warped - Hal Jordan joins the league
#21 - Legends of the Superheroes - Lantern goes live-action
#20 - Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - Darker shade of green
#19 - Batman Beyond: The Call - Lantern of the future

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