22 March 2010

DC Averts Crisis with Rising Animated DVD Sales

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In spite of a lower price per DVD sale, February's superhero showdown crown went to Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Planet Hulk arrived first, on February 2, selling 131,000 units for just under $2 million (revised down from a previous estimate of $2.3 million). By contrast, the League's February 23rd debut sold an estimated 205,000 units for roughly $2.6 million. While these are just estimates, this earns Crisis on Two Earths the best debut in the DC animated movie line for a film without "Superman" or "Batman" in the title (don't you just love qualified records), even besting the sales of the prior Justice League: The New Frontier.

To be fair, this number was a decline from the number set by DC's previous release Superman Batman: Public Enemies, so all may not be gumdrops and roses. Still, even with two of these animated superhero films released in near proximity, Crisis performed well hopefully encouraging DC to press on with their increased schedule of 3 animated films per year (The next being Summer's Batman: Under the Red Hood then possibly Fall's rumored Superman Batman sequel) as the market may not yet have quite reached saturation.

One last note, Thanks to the push from Crisis, the Superman Batman DVD sales got a boost, pushing them to $6.6 million in revenue finally eking past Hulk Vs. sales figure of $5.8 million.

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