23 March 2010

Captain America (1990) - Film Capsule

Heroes: Captain America

Villains: Red Skull

Diabolical Scheme: Something to do with kidnapping the President and blowing up a piano.

Coolest Moment(s): Cap did do some damage, including an off screen decapitation with his Frisbee boomerang shield.

Worst Moment: There are a couple. Captain America faked car sickness in order to lure the driver out of the car so he could steal it... TWICE! I guess if it works. Also, at one point Captain America was strapped to a rocket heading to the White House. He kicked the wing and diverted it to Alaska narrowly missing a kid (who ended up being the President); trust me the scene was terrible.

Review in 50 Words or Less:
Cap spent most of the movie getting beat up or hiding and managed to get in one lucky shield throw at the end. Red Skull was just as incompetent. After defeating Cap in WWII he waited around for his return to strike. T'was no Catwoman, but neither was it good.


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  1. This movie is so bad that I like it. Cap acts like a coward all the time, and Red Skull is Italian, the actors are horrible. This is worse that Batman & Robin imo.